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Rockstar Of The Quarter

Rockstar Of The Quarter

by | Feb 11, 2021 | News

The Sobering Center is dedicated to serving our clients and rewarding the excellence of our staff who exceed the expectation of care. Rockstar of the Quarter is an opportunity for staff members to highlight their colleagues who they feel has gone above and beyond for our mission.

We are pleased to announce the Rockstar of the Quarter for Fiscal Year 2020-Quarter 4, Lead-EMT Robert Spittler.

The Robert Spittler, Lead-Emergency Medical Technician, handles all of the day to day operations on the sobering floor as a shift lead, and provides patient care in order to ensure safe sobering of patients.

Robert has been an EMT for the last 3 years giving emergency care in a variety of settings from the ambulance to clinical. He is currently earning his bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University-Idaho. In his spare time Robert enjoys spending time with his wife Erika, fishing, hiking, traveling, and going to theme parks. Robert believes in living your life to the fullest even when circumstances are difficult.

“I believe the Sobering Center brings innovation to the public health and public safety needs of the City of Austin. The work we do helps individuals not only have a safe place to sober up, but have that opportunity to get into treatment and change their lives.”– Robert Spittler