The Sobering Center will provide the following services:

Medical Screening

To ensure the individuals safety and appropriateness for services at the center, licensed paramedics will conduct a triage at intake. Those who are appropriate will be admitted, those who cannot be served will be transported to the emergency room. Prior to leaving, the licensed paramedic will again evaluate the patient to make sure they are safe to leave.

Safe Sobering

The Center will provide a safe place for sobering up. It’s expected that the typical stay will last from four to eight hours. During this time, each individual will be assigned a resting mat where they will sleep or sit and be monitored for safety and comfort. Snacks, and beverages to promote hydration, will be available.

Community Outreach & Education

Providing outreach and education to the community regarding public intoxication and harmful, hazardous, and disordered substance use.

Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral & Placement To Treatment

Center staff will engage patients in a discussion of substance using behavior.

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