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Sober Street Outreach

Sober Street Outreach

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To further enhance public health and safety in our community, the Sobering Center implements Outreach on select days to areas frequented for public intoxication, like 6th Street and special events in Austin, TX. When Outreaching, the Sobering Center promotes harm reduction by offering free Blood Alcohol Concentration testing, water, Naloxone nasal spray, alcohol education, and an opportunity to be connected to community resources. The Sobering Center tent serves as a safe place for people receive assistance and provides an opportunity for individuals to be transported to the Center for safe sobering.


The Sobering Center is inviting businesses/individuals to be a part of this mass outreach effort by sponsoring the initiative.

  • $5,000/Weekend (Two Nights)
  • $2,500/One Night

With sponsorship, your logo will be displayed in our tent, as well as be advertised on our social media platforms and website. This initiative would be providing four hours (10pm-2am) of primetime advertisement to the mass amounts of foot traffic on 6th street.

While we are still accepting sponsorships, we are also accepting donations you can also get involved by:

  • Sponsoring an Hour of Outreach – $1,000
  • Sponsoring BAC testing-$250
  • Sponsoring a Ride to the Center- $75

This can be done on our donation page!

Upcoming Outreach Dates

*Outreach times will be from 10pm-2am.

Stay tuned for future dates!

Interested in being a sponsor for an Outreach Initiative? Email

Past Sponsors

Christine Bartow, MD

Kristen Escamilla, MD

Julie Farrington, MD

Chad Hooten, MD

Gerret Key, MD

Sussann Kotara, MD

Lowell McRoberts, MD

Nicholas Ortiz, MD

Aurora Osteen, MD

Adam Ruggle, MD

Jessica Thompson, MD

Ashley Trust, MD

Blair Walker, MD

Jennifer Ward, MD

Amanda Whiteley, MD

Erica Garcia-Pitman, MD