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Referral Partner Spotlight: Simple Promise Farms

Referral Partner Spotlight: Simple Promise Farms

by | Jul 14, 2021 | News

Simple Promise Farms aims to support a life-long commitment to productive and healthy living through good, clean work and clean food. They collaborate with Ranch House Recovery, a residential recovery center whose participants engage in various community-building activities that promote teamwork through farm work, animal assisted therapy, and community participation.

The program participants of Ranch House Recovery plant and harvest the vegetables they have grown each week and take them to the farmer’s markets. The proceeds from the produce help fund addiction recovery scholarships for individuals seeking help. The participants essentially learn about vegetables, farming, growth, life skills, and how that directly correlates to their lives and recovery program. The service of each participant is tailored to the individual’s interests and willingness to learn. “Essentially, we are building a community dedicated to giving back through service,” says Administrative Director, Alex Baer.

The Sobering Center partners with Simple Promise Farms as part of their mission to build community connection through the power of empathy, teamwork, and giving back.

“We are looking forward to their assistance as we renovate our dorm rooms,” says Executive Director, Laura Sovine. “We appreciate their enthusiasm for our mission and willingness to be a part of this project.”

Simple Promise Farms and Ranch House Recovery are referral partners of the Sobering Center and can refer a client who has relapsed and needs a safe place to sober up before returning to their program. Our partnership is vital as we continue to work together to support those on their journey to recovery.

“Simple Promise Farms was born of a desire to cultivate change in our community by providing an environment which promotes the idea that through hard work, dedication, faith, patience, education, and honesty, people who once suffered from the disease of addiction can learn to co-create a life of meaning and true purpose and thereby triumph over a disorder which sought to destroy them,” says Alex.

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