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Referral Partner Spotlight: A New Entry

Referral Partner Spotlight: A New Entry

by | Feb 11, 2021 | News

A New Entry, Inc. was born in 2004 after their founder, Peter Daniels III, was called to provide services for men who were experiencing losses associated with homelessness, incarceration and substance use disorders. A New Entry eventually became a 501(c) 3 organization in 2005. What started as a 6-man recovery supportive home has evolved into an organization occupying two locations, with multiple programs that serve up to 80 individuals a day here in Austin, Texas.

A New Entry provides affordable Recovery Supportive Housing and treatment programs for men and women with assistance for those who are veterans or are indigent. They provide counseling, case management, and a high structured environment for those who are new to recovery.

We partnered with A New Entry to provide their clients who have relapsed, a place to sober up before returning back to their program. To date, the Sobering Center has provided a safe space for over 15 clients from A New Entry to sober up safely in an environment that is supportive in their continued recovery.

“I want to thank you all as a whole for the dedication in which y’all showed a broken down man who thought about giving up. I had a great experience and my transition back to A New Entry was shameless,” says a client of the Sobering Center and A New Entry.

The partnership between our organizations is impactful and essential as we work together to help clients remain on their pathway to sobriety by providing support during all phases of recovery.

“My first job, as a social worker 17-year ago, was working with Laura Sovine in a three-person non-profit. Fast forward, our respective care and leadership for those experiencing homelessness has helped to create a commonsense collaboration between A New Entry and The Sobering Center,” says A New Entry Executive Director, Peter Daniels. “Tightening the weave of support for our most vulnerable community members just makes sense! We hope to continue aligning better with the City and County in assisting those who are experiencing homelessness into living Fully Alive!”

You can learn more about A New Entry and their programs by visiting,