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Austin-Travis County Sobering Center to Offer Transports From 6th Street for Safe Sobering

Austin-Travis County Sobering Center to Offer Transports From 6th Street for Safe Sobering

by | May 20, 2021 | News

The Austin-Travis County Sobering Center is pleased to announce that they will be piloting their first 6th Street Outreach Initiative and opportunity for transport to the Center on Saturday, May 22nd.

The Austin-Travis County Sobering Center enhances public health and safety by providing a safe place for publicly intoxicated individuals to sober up as an alternative to the emergency room or jail and, where appropriate, provides a bridge to recovery. Since inception, they have served over 4,700 individuals and have connected many to substance use recovery services.

The Sobering Center will be engaging with and educating the community about safe alcohol consumption and the resources available to them. The tent will feature free Blood Alcohol Concentration testing, water, and an opportunity to win prizes for addressing misconceptions about alcohol.

In addition to tent festivities, the Sobering Center will be offering transfers to their facility for safe sobering, where appropriate. Intoxicated individuals who approach the tent and express interest in sobering up at the center will be prescreened for eligibility. In the event that an intoxicated individual does not meet criteria, they will be connected to the appropriate resource.

“Our presence in heavily concentrated areas for public intoxication has been a frequently requested service and we are pleased to be advancing our Outreach to further meet this need in our community,” says Executive Director, Laura Sovine. “We have an opportunity to prevent DWIs and provide harm reduction information to those who may need it.”


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