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Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: Is the Sobering Center a treatment center?

No.  The Sobering Center is a physically safe place for acutely intoxicated persons to be cared for while they sober. It is meant to provide publicly intoxicated persons an alternative option to incarceration and the emergency room. The Sobering Center is also a place where clients can get advice about their substance use and be directly connected to the individual services they might need to help them reduce or eliminate their substance use.

Q: Can anyone come to the sobering center to sober up?

We serve adults over the age of 18. Anyone on any substance is eligible for admission into the Sobering Center. Only, law enforcement and emergency medical are able to transport intoxicated persons to the Center.

Q: If publicly intoxicated and the police or EMS want to take me to jail or the hospital, can I request to be taken to the sobering center?

Yes, you can ask to come to the Sobering Center.  However, if you are in commission of another crime (i.e. assault or DWI) then you are not eligible for admission and the officer will take you to jail.  Law Enforcement Officers and EMS are aware that The Sobering Center is the best option for people publicly intoxicated  individuals. They are committed to transporting individuals to the Sobering Center when possible. If you are with someone who is intoxicated, you can also call 911 and request they be taken to the Sobering Center.   An advantage to the Sobering Center is that once they admitted into the Center, you are no longer legally responsible for them while they sober up.

Q: What happens when I’m at The Sobering Center?

When you arrive, our paramedics do a quick medical assessment and you are escorted by our Sobering staff to a gender segregated dorm and assigned a cot or recliner to rest while the substance you have ingested metabolizes from your system. During your stay, counselors and staff are available to talk to and assist you in your sobering endeavor.  We also talk with you to see if about treatment options beyond the Center.

Q: Can I leave The Sobering Center on my own even if I’m still under the influence?

Yes, we are not a detention facility and we will not force you to remain with us.  However, if you appear to be intoxicated and we are concerned that you may present a safety concern to yourself, or to the community, an APD officer on duty will assess your level of intoxication.  Keep in mind, that if you leave while still intoxicated, you will be breaking the law, and could be arrested at that time.

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